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The Global Network for the Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems (GLOBELICS) is pleased to invite you to submit your paper to the 16th GLOBELICS International Conference 2018. The conference is organised by the Science and Technology Policy Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR-STEPRI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, GLOBELICS and AfricaLICS secretariats. The conference comes off on the 24th-26th October 2018, at the Mensvic Grand hotel, East Legon-Accra.

Science, Technology and Innovations (STIs) generated through Research and Development (R&D) are increasingly being promoted as the drivers of economic growth. Indeed, the global goals of sustainable development can only be achieved on the foundation of innovations. Moreover, any organisation or enterprise that fails to innovate becomes less competitive and runs the risk of losing out in the marketplace, which has been the case of most economies especially in developing countries. The GLOBELICS annual conferences create the platform for the presentation and discussion of innovation and development issues, and help build capacity for addressing challenges through the sharing of knowledge in the field of innovation and inclusive development. Since 2003, the Conference has brought together more than 3,000 world leading scholars and young scholars from all over the world engaged in research on how innovation and competence building contribute to economic and social sustainable and inclusive development.

As a continuation of this commitment, the 16th GLOBELICS Conference seeks to provide a platform for intellectual engagement and discussions on issues relating to innovations and institutional transformations within countries, across different economic sectors, and different operational levels (macro, meso and micro), without losing sight of contextual gender disparities. The conference will yield insightful recommendations for overcoming the challenges related to innovation, capacity building and inclusive development in knowledge and political systems, and provide novel approaches to promote economic growth and sustainable development.

Conference Sub-themes

The Organizing Committee of GLOBELICS 2018 invites professionals and practitioners from both the private and public sectors; researchers from national, regional and international organizations and universities; policy makers; micro, small and medium enterprises; and development partners across the globe to submit proposals for Symposia, Workshops, Panel and Roundtable Discussions.

All proposals should be clearly related to the conference theme and any of the sub-themes listed below:

  1. Science, technology, innovation and the sustainable development goals: Policy and Practice
  2. Agricultural innovation systems: Addressing the poverty challenge
  3. University relationships with industry, policy and society: the developmental university
  4. Intellectual property rights, open innovation and development
  5. National, regional and local innovation systems
  6. Renewable energy: innovating inclusive and resilient infrastructure
  7. Sectoral innovation systems: technology policy and catch-up
  8. Creative industries, smart cities and sustainable urban development
  9. Trade, FDI, value chains and innovation networks
  10. Entrepreneurship, youth employment and innovation management
  11. The role of innovation in overcoming the resource curse: prescriptive models for sustainable growth
  12. Innovation for Inclusive development: Indigenous knowledge, informal economy and micro and inform small enterprises
  13. The gender dimension of innovation and development
  14. Improving the quality of life: Sustainable healthcare, water and sanitation innovation systems
  15. Empirical methodologies, data requirements, indicators, different approaches and methodologies

Submission Details

Proposals for symposia, workshops, panel and roundtable discussions must be written in English and submitted in a PDF format from February 1st, 2018 to the email address, Proposals must be submitted no later than April 21, 2018. Proposals will be reviewed by the GLOBELICS 2018 Scientific Committee on the basis of the criteria listed below, with final decisions to be made by May 14, 2018.

In submitting a proposal, kindly provide the following information:

  1. Title of event (theme or question)
  2. Name and contact information for the lead organizer
  3. Preferred duration and format.
  4. A description (500 words maximum) of the objectives and topics to be covered during the symposium, panel, workshop, or round-table.
  5. Names of co-organizers (if applicable)
  6. Any proposed invited speakers and the suggested title of each talk.
  7. Preference for morning, afternoon, full-day, or evening session.
  8. Whether the organizers will fully or partially fund the sessions.

The conference encourages creativity in planning the sessions, and will give preference to proposals that seek to bring together participants from diverse backgrounds and expertise. Proposals that demonstrate opportunities for audience engagement and dialogue will be given priority.

Highlights of the Different Events

Please follow the outlined requirements for specific proposal submissions:

Symposium Presentations: These are formal presentations of a topic, typically used to report interesting preliminary findings from a research project. We encourage proposals based on empirical or theoretical studies in the field of innovation and inclusive development.

Panel Discussions: These are designed for larger group presentations and discussions on any sub-theme of the conference which is of interest to the Panel discussion organizers. The organizers will have to enlist (4-6) panel members to act as primary discussants. The panel members will be allowed to debate the sub-theme, after which conference participants give inputs to the discussions. The names of panel members, their expertise and clearly stated discussion questions (2-3) must be integrated within the main text of the proposal.

Roundtable Discussions: The Roundtables will create opportunities for small groups to engage in discussion about a particular sub-theme of the conference. The organizer (or any selected person) of the Roundtable will lead the discussion with an initial presentation, followed by an open discussion among the conference participants. The proposal must include a list of 2-3 clearly stated discussion questions.

Workshops: These are designed to be interactive sessions based on any of the conference sub-themes. It will involve learning, hands-on and networking activities.